Our art installation services can help transform your environment into a gallery of your own.

our team specializes in the professional picture hanging, placement and installation of artwork throughout the Southwest communities.

DFW Art Installation Team skills are the perfect resource for art consultants, interior designers, businesses and homeowners.  We have experience and expertise in transporting, arranging and installing home, gallery, and office collections.

The DFW Art Installation Team is experienced in dealing with aggressive schedules and provides consistent quality results. 

No matter where the placement of your art, we will work with you and your surroundings to give your art the look and security it was intended.   We have a wide range of secure hooks, anchors and brackets we use for installations that fit any location and style of art.  Whether it is one piece or one thousand pieces we can assist with your home or business project. 


  • Fine Art
  • Posters & Prints
  • Antique Decor
  • Framed Mirrors
  • Vinyl Walls
  • Tapestries
  • Oriental Screens
  • Sculptures

Art Hanging for a Wide Range of Clients:

• Commercial & Residential Clients
• Interior Designers
• Interior Decorators
• Art Galleries
• Custom Frame Shops
• Art Frame Shops
• Medical
• Corporations
• Hospitality

True professional installation specialists

Installing on a variety of wall surfaces, ranging in materials from plaster, stone, marble to mirrored, DFW Art Installation has confidently and successfully met the challenge every time.